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While the newfound wealth has provided her undreamt of new opportunities, including her new beach house in North Carolina, Shannon is still trying to understand her divorce. She feels alone, even though she has the love and support of her very close family. Joe is a North Topsail local who has walked and run on North Topsail Beach nearly every morning for the past two decades, ever since the loss of his only child to leukemia, and his wife's subsequent grief-propelled suicide.

Shannon and Joe meet and carefully work towards a relationship that they can define and survive. The rules they implement come to be known as "The Topsail Accord".

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In his version the new lower topsail yard was fixed to the lower mast cap with a movable crane and was additionally supported by an iron bar from the top. It would not move up or down however.

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The upper topsail on its still hoisting yard had its foot cut without any roach and was laced directly to the jackstay on the lower topsail yard without any gap, thus presenting an appearance as of a single topsail. The upper sail could be lowered quickly, thus saving the arduous task of reefing as with the single topsail, although it still had to be taken in and furled. This was but a step from the true double topsail 1st adopted in British Clippers in with the Ariel, whereby the 2 sails were separate entities, with a slight gap between them.

With the true double topsails however, the upper was furled completely on its own yard.

Occasionally some captains still laced their upper topsails down as close as possible to the lower yards. Cunningham became famous for the invention of the self-reefing topsail, which he manufactured in the Gosport Foundry at The Green.

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The self reefing topsail was exhibited in a model of a fully-rigged ship at the Great Exhibition in , amongst the section on Naval architecture and Admiralty models. The yard turned in 2 hoops at the yardarms which took the usual lifts and at the centre the mast parral also had a cogged sheave arrangement around which passed a chain tie.

The 2 ends of the chain passed through sheaves at the topmast head and then down to the deck. By hauling on either one the yard could be made to rotate either way, being lowered or raised parbuckling.

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The gear in the middle of the yard required the sail to be split into two halves down as far as the cap level, where across reef band was fitted. The batten ends were grooved to fit around doubled rope bindings on each vertical edge of the sail. The bonnet could thus slide in the gap and bunch up like a Venetian blind. Battens tapered in an opposite direction to the yard taper enabled the sail to roll up on a parallel diameter.

This spar did not revolve but took the footropes and stuns ail booms, and could take the reef points for more security when the yard was lowered to the cap. Volume 5 , Issue 4 November Pages Related Information. Close Figure Viewer. Browse All Figures Return to Figure. Previous Figure Next Figure.

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