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Moroccan Stories

Chue and Nhia Thao Cha. They were farmers until war came to Laos. Her father was captured and was never seen again. The war brought bombings and killings.

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She used her hard-earned education to give back to her people, returning in to Laos to work with Hmong and Lao women in the refugee camps in Thailand. Several pages appended to the end of the story give a more thorough description of the Hmong people and their art. The bibliography contains reference works at the adult level.

The wonder of this book is that the story quilt tells the story in sections, sparing children from some of the graphic violence of the war while still making clear that danger and violence were prevalent. It also speaks volumes about personal expression and using handcraft to record history and to help people deal with emotions. User reviews Have you read this book? If we wish, then, to share in the building a society that is open, fraternal and respectful of differences, it is vital to foster the culture of dialogue and adhere to it unfailingly, to adopt mutual cooperation as our code of conduct and reciprocal understanding as our method and standard cf.

In this way, we will encourage the growth of a fruitful and respectful spirit of cooperation.

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It is likewise essential that fanaticism and extremism be countered by solidarity on the part of all believers, grounded in the lofty shared values that inspire our actions. Established by Your Majesty, the Institute seeks to provide effective and sound training to combat all forms of extremism, which so often lead to violence and terrorism, and which, in any event, constitute an offense against religion and against God himself. We know how important it is to provide a suitable preparation for future religious leaders, if we wish to awaken a genuinely religious spirit in the heart of future generations.

Authentic dialogue, then, makes us appreciate more fully the importance of religion for building bridges between people and successfully meeting the challenges that I mentioned above. While respecting our differences, faith in God leads us to acknowledge the eminent dignity of each human being, as well as his or her inalienable rights.

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We believe that God created human beings equal in rights, duties and dignity, and he calls them to live as brothers and sisters and to spread the values of goodness, love and peace. That is why freedom of conscience and religious freedom — which is not limited to freedom of worship alone, but allows all to live in accordance with their religious convictions — are inseparably linked to human dignity.

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In this regard, there is a constant need to progress beyond mere tolerance to respect and esteem for others. This entails encountering and accepting others in their distinctive religious beliefs and enriching one another through our diversity, in a relationship marked by good will and by the pursuit of ways we can work together.

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Understood in this way, creating bridges between people — from the point of view of interreligious dialogue — calls for a spirit of mutual regard, friendship and indeed fraternity. The International Conference on the rights of religious minorities in Muslim countries, held in Marrakech in January , addressed this issue, and I am pleased to note that it condemned, in effect, any exploitation of religion as a means of discriminating against or attacking others.

It also stressed the need to move beyond the concept of religious minority in favour of that of citizenship and the recognition of the value of the person, which must have a central place in every legal system. I also see as a prophetic sign the creation in of the Al Mowafaqa Ecumenical Institute in Rabat.

Morocco Journey

Like many other women, she begins to doubt Allah when her marriage is abruptly ended. With the help of a holy man, she must decide whether to let her bitterness engulf her or put the past behind her and move on.

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Along the journey, the writer gives us glimpses of the devastation colonialism had on Moroccan peoples, from men and women to children. Independence and change in class status turns her husband into a cold, materialistic man. Going from poverty to a manor is unnerving for Zahara; she becomes depressed as she is slowly traded in for a younger woman.

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  • Similarly, the unrelated stand-alone short stories deal with issues such as poverty and the struggle for national independence. The wealthier one offers the other a job which will give him better housing and money.