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I did get a divorce and the relief was immense. Such a sad situation, but the problems were his and when I realized that the only way to solve the problems was for him to do it, it became impossible to continue the marriage. Thank you Laura! Yes, I had to do the same to my husband… Now trying to react regularly in peace and love always with him oh my, it is hard sometimes.

20 Signs Your Husband Doesn't Love You Anymore

True True its really hard when you try too do good and put your trust in the Lord my husband very bad dont know how long this will come too am end i love him deeply and whished him no harm put love and support but inside deep dwon somethings got a greep on him i am afraid too get too the point that me and the kids have too live again and start all over again? The more I ignore my husbands passive aggression the more he seems to want to behave and act appropriately. Passive Aggressive. So true Im dealing with same situation. Only the Lord gives true peace and when we rely on others they will always let us down.

My spouse does love me I know and he has his issues but so do I. I just try to ignore his comments and when I do it does seem to make things easier. Sometimes he will even appologize when I do but not all the time. Im praying for him to allow the Lord to do a work in his attitude.

He can be very demeaning and make me feel very small. When my son came home my husband was like normal. And to try to figure out what started it all is impossible! To try to talk about it is a mess. I just pray for him and myself. Diane: You are telling my story exactly. You are not alone, although that offers little comfort, I know. My husband is a Pastor. So i found it very hard to accept the fact that he could treat me in this terrible way.

6 Reasons Your Partner Won't Have Sex With You

Seems as if he orchestrates arguments on a regular basis. He blames me and tells me that I am nasty to him, which is not true. And yes, he needs help. But how do I ask for help at the church where people seem to value him kind of, and will never believe that he can be so nasty to me at times.

This behaviour is very hurtful and Ive thought of getting out of this marraige. How can he preach to others? Its very frustrating when hes like thus because he flatly ignores me stay away the whole day until very late and i am left worrying about him. At times I am very lonely. Elize- You are in a very tricky situation with your husband being a pastor. Pastors are held to a higher standard.

Sadly, I have heard this is common among pastors. You need to reach out to someone you trust or find a counselor to help you individually and then hopefully with your husband. A group of men from the church brought him to a hotel for a number of days to deal with this.

30 Things No Husband Ever Wants to Hear

The woman and her children were taken to a safe home to rest and work on things with her husband separately for a time. My heart goes out to you. Things may seem impossible, but God is big and able. He is with you and wants you to be safe in mind and spirit. Reading your post sounds like my life. I have dealt with this for twenty five years. I must be honest that I been like this for so long.

I am a little afraid. His being a Pastor may be the key. No doubt his self esteem issues will never let him be seen by his congregation the way he truly is. On the other hand, the risk that they will might put enough fear into him to accept that he needs help. In this, you might find aid from his superiors in the church.

You will probably need to change your attitude towards him to do this. You indicate that you worry about him when he is out late. You should question him as to where he has been, and let him know that a night owl Pastor…perhaps on the prowl does not build up the church community. His reaction will probably be to claim you are threatening him.

1. When it’s Always Your Fault.

Stop covering for him. The people here who are talking about peace from not playing along anymore are correct. I struggled with how to keep my vows despite catching my wife in an affair.

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I will not divorce, that is one of my boundaries; a boundary I initially thought really hamstrung me. However I now see my boundaries as the strength that keeps me from the chaos of no boundaries and self centerdness. Now, out of that I have begun to work on and experience living in the present. Worry about past and future actions unsettles us. I was struggling with how to be present with her while at the same time protect myself…how can one practice presence without being an idiot when they know there are patterns of behavior around them?

With God you are not alone. You disengage yourself from the games, not from the person you love. You hand the games off to God and remain ready to do what he asks from you to help…but know that God gives your husband the free will to reject his grace and continue as he is.

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You need to let go of your belief that YOU can change him; focusing on that should keep you busy enough that you can stop worrying about him. I prayed and I feel peace now. But I am constantly scared fir the next episode. I relate to your words so much Tim. This is a 2nd marriage.

While my first of 30 years dealt with some p. The marriage ended when his career pressured broke him. Now 17 years in 2nd I am so weary. He appealed on basis of our shared faith. But no matter how I try to deal with his simmering resentment nothing changes. Any attempt at communication or seeking help will trigger a vicious attack. I care about him but the cost is too high. God sacrificed his son for us. He does not call his children to sacrifice themselves for each other in ungodly ways. I feel the same way. I am starting to think its me and i am the ones with issues.

But what i know is that i will get help becssue it makes me mad that i feel this way about my self.