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Many ethnic groups in the Philippines have unique funeral practices. When someone becomes ill, they select the tree where they will eventually be entombed. Meanwhile, the Apayo, who live in the north, bury their dead under the kitchen.

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Sky burial in Mongolia and Tibet. Many Vajrayana Buddhists in Mongolia and Tibet believe in the transmigration of spirits after death — that the soul moves on, while the body becomes an empty vessel. To return it to the earth, the body is chopped into pieces and placed on a mountaintop, which exposes it to the elements — including vultures.

Green funerals. In the United States, more and more people are opting for environmentally friendly burials. This means skipping embalming processes, nixing traditional concrete vaults and getting biodegradable, woven-willow caskets, which decompose into the ground. The Green Burial Council has approved 40 environmentally friendly cemeteries in the U. Balinese cremation. In , the island saw one of its most lavish cremations ever as Agung Suyasa, head of the royal family, was burned along with 68 commoners.

In the Balinese tradition, cremation releases the soul so it is free to inhabit a new body — and doing this is considered a sacred duty. The turning of the bones in Madagascar. At times, Silver shows extreme kindness and a paternal liking for the young narrator. At other times, however, Silver, although deformed like Pew, shows extreme brutality and cruelness in killing other sailors.

Island of Bones

Robert Louis Stevenson paints this character much more vividly than any of the "good" or "bad" characters and Long John Silver is not "good" or "bad" but rather a composite of both. Because of his openness about his greediness and mercileness, his pursuit of the gold seems more justified than the greediness and evilness of the "good" characters. This character is based on the Stevenson's friend, the poet W. Henly, who lost one of his feet.

Of all the characters painted in Treasure Island, Long John Silver is the most vivid, most remembered, and most picturesque. His philosophy is that of "live or die," someone who kills in order to not be killed. On the Hisapnolia, he too shows a side that is lively and parental to Jim - Jim almost forgets to be wary of the character because he has too much enjoyment beaching the schooner.

Israel Hands is the first person that Jim actually kills, something that he feels no remorse for. Ben Gunn provides comic relief in the island, a breath of fresh air in a very tense part of the book.

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A member of Flint's original crew, Ben Gunn was marooned on the island for three years and forced to survive on his own. He stumbled upon Flint's treasure and buried it, thus saving it from the pirates that try to kill Silver and Jim.

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He is nice to both Jim and the rest of Jim's group, and provides the means for escape. Although the pirates characterize him as stupid, he shows his agility and smartness in surviving the island. He returns with the rest of them, although spends his part of the treasure in only three weeks. Describe the design of Ben gunn's boat?

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  8. Jim finds that it is a small handmade boat, called a coracle: a type of boat once sailed by the ancient Britons. Describe the squire?

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    Although he appears to be on top of things, he often makes mistakes and his hiring of Long John Silver and the mutineers tops the list of Treasure Island study guide contains a biography of Robert Louis Stevenson, literature essays, a complete e-text, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. Treasure Island literature essays are academic essays for citation. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of Treasure Island.

    Remember me. Meanwhile, 10 countries did not reach the target of 25 doctors and nurses per 10, population, including Belize, Brazil, Bolivia, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Guyana and Venezuela. As I read this book, beyond the many numerous ways she worded her sentences and how the characters spoke, they often spoke with a definant difference than you would hear here in common U.

    They would constantly use inferences to what they were. America and Haiti The United States interest in Haiti, as mentioned above, began a huge increase in the first decade of the twentieth century.

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    The extent of U. Unfortunately, the Haitian banking system did not follow this path and was, at this time, "perilously close to domination by European interests.

    The Farming of Bones by Edwidge Danticat revolves around the true events that occurred in in the Dominican Republic. The dictator at the time was a man named Rafael Trujillo who ordered his troops to massacre as many as 15, Haitians living in the Dominican Republic.

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    The killings were brutal and left survivors with psychological trauma. By understanding supply chain and fostering appropriate ties between both customers and. Canada 79,83 Central African Republic 41,71 Chile 76,35 China 72,22 Colombia 71,14