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Want to Be Happy? Don't Follow Your Feelings

The message promoted throughout the upbeat tune is that you can overcome any trial or tribulation through positive thinking and prayer. Super producer Mark Ronson released this addictive, high-energy song with the late superstar, Amy Winehouse, in Its old-school vibe will have you smiling while dancing to the funky beat. When you need some assistance getting "through this thing called life," turn up the volume on Prince 's single, "Let's Go Crazy.

When you need an extra boost of confidence or just need an anthem to sing along to while pumping your fists in the air, play this catchy, futuristic song. Even Dolly Parton recorded a version. Listen Now. So good!

A Nobel Prize-winning psychologist says most people don’t really want to be happy

The "Godfather of Soul" knew what he'd make you do with this one—dance. Released in , the funky instrumentals stand the test of time. A team of 11 writers worked together on Ronson's smash—and it paid off.

Bobby McFerrin - Don't Worry Be Happy (Official Video)

Express genuine interest in what they love, and you may notice a bond begin to form. One of the easiest ways to connect with people is to find shared interests, says Nic Marks, CEO and founder at Happiness Works, a firm that helps companies create happier workplaces. Your boss may not realize that you are ready to take on something bigger.

Employees who are proud of their organizations are three times more likely to be happy at work, the survey found. Find it in your current job or your next job: For some people, knowing they work at a Fortune firm with a marquis status gives them a sense of pride. Are any of them fixable by you? Then start looking for a company that espouses similar values. Your job is so much more than a paycheck; it's a place you go to improve your skill set, contribute to the greater good, and collaborate with other awesome people.

When You’re Happy, You Don’t Have to Tell Anyone

If you get a sinking feeling whenever you think of your job, listen to your gut—it's telling you something important that you should pay attention to. Could you use some help finding your happy place? Join Monster today.

Shining the Spotlight

As a member, you can upload up to five versions of your resume—each tailored to the types of jobs that interest you. Don't stay in a job that makes you miserable.

Guided by Emotions

C'mon, get happy! Yet, our day-to-day experiences yield positive feelings that may not advance that longer story , necessarily. Memory is enduring.

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Feelings pass. Take going on vacation, for example. The reason for this is that we do things in anticipation of creating satisfying memories to reflect on later.

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  • This theory helps to explain our current social media-driven culture. To some extent, we care less about enjoying ourselves than presenting the appearance of an enviable existence. And ultimately, this makes us miserable.