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These fuels are expensive and their prices fluctuate greatly based on the global price of oil. The table below shows average tariffs for , , and for utilities in numerous countries. The table shows that Trinidad and Tobago and Suriname have the lowest average tariffs, followed by the Dominican Republic. The countries in the region are encumbered with the necessity of importing increasingly expensive oil products for transportation and electricity generation.

Covering the ever-increasing cost of energy places enormous pressure on countries whose national budgets are already heavily indebted. Thus, a new Caribbean energy future is needed. As an honest broker in the region, the IDB seeks to assist the Caribbean in making the necessary changes in policy coordination, financial structuring, and infrastructure transformation that will usher in this new energy future for the region.

This conference is but one small yet crucial step in this transformational process.

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The challenges, constraints and risks associated with a total reliance on oil for electricity generation are well documented and understood. Similarly, the opportunities and benefits that can be derived from moving to renewable energy technologies and greater energy efficiency are quite clear to most.

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What is lacking is an investment climate which recognizes these realities and promotes private sector risk taking and innovation. Presently much of what happens takes place at 10, feet and above with very little — or no — impact on the ground.

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I have been working in solar and wind for seven years in the U. We are looking at moving out efforts to the Caribbean, but I cannot tell from the figures you provided what the exact KwH costs are Where can I find a list?

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This would include distribution as well Thank you Alex Hillman. Hi Alex , Can you contact me today or tomorrow?

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I am working to install more solar energy in Suriname within a couple of months! I only read about past tariff rates.

As the year ended, the world moved from the crisis of high food prices towards another crisis, equally profound, of a global economic recession. These successive crises could have major inter-generational effects on Healthy eating for better living. About nutrition and HIV. Healthy Eating for Better Living. Gezond Eten Voor Beter Leven.

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Gezond eten voor beter leven. Een Caribische handleiding. A Caribbean Handbook. Meal Planning for Diabetes. Kingston , CFNI , Search Repository. This Community.